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A Beautiful Place for Massage

Therapy Zone is the Australia’s leading provider of massage therapy which includes relaxation massage, remedial massage, Chinese acupressure massage and the provider of treatments such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, cupping, Gua Sha and myotherapy in the meanwhile. We have helped thousands of people deal with medical issues such as infertility, high blood pressure, insomnia, IBS, cancer, skin conditions, sciatica, muscular skeletal issues and obesity using combination treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine involving acupuncture, Chinese herbs and different styles of massage therapy.

We believe it is possible for every Australian to live a long and healthy life free of pain and disease using the health services we provide which are not only specialized and skillful but also safe.


The services we provide including:

We offer a gentle, intuitive approach using massage, Chinese herbs, acupuncture and other remedies and will teach you how to maintain your body condition and how to develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that is specifically tailored to your needs.